Beer is flat. There was 0 percent growth in sales last year -- but not in craft.

New numbers compiled by the Brewers Association out of Boulder give us a look at America's still-growing craft beer scene, which is up 6.2 percent.

Colorado alone has 334 breweries, but chances are there'll be a new one by the time you finish this story.

Colorado ties with Washington for second, both only behind California's 623 breweries.

*slow clap for California*

In breweries per capita, Colorado ranks third behind Vermont and Montana, only because they don't have a lot of capitas. Colorado also ranks third in production and first in economic impact per resident.

But if you really want to measure how craft beer impacts Coloradans, consider what we send down the hatch. Coloradans of legal drinking age chug down an average of 11.1 gallons of beer a year; that's the fifth most in the country behind Oregon, Alaska, Pennsylvania, and number one - Vermont. The Green Mountain State looks real lush when you consider they drink 19.8 gallons per adult a year.