In September, the Regional Transportation District was forced to cancel nearly as many bus runs as it did in all of 2015.

That's 811 runs that didn't happen because RTD is short-staffed by 11 percent.

RTD makes up the majority of the deficit through forced overtime, which costs more than $10 million so far in 2017.

This number already surpassed last year's $9.2 million in overtime, and there's still more than a month left this year.

It's also not always convenient for the drivers they're desperately trying to keep.

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RTD said there are two reasons for more spending in 2017:

  • Higher wages for drives
  • More routes, which means there are more drivers on staff than ever before-- even with the shortage

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Despite the shortage, RTD is on track to miss about 1 percent of its bus runs for the year.