Still no call for a special session from Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper.

Then again, the Governor was busy Tuesday. He's at the Pentagon with Adjutant General Michael Loh, his newly appointed head of the Colorado National Guard.

He'll be back on Wednesday, when there will be 23 days left for him to call for a special session. He has to call for a special session by June 9, if he plans to do so at all.

Multiple Democrats and Republicans talked with Next off the record on Tuesday, telling us that Hickenlooper has not been putting the hard sell on any of them to come to a compromise on issues he might want lawmakers to reconsider.

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If the Governor calls for a special session, he only controls the start date and the topics lawmakers are limited in discussing. Those topics would likely be additional transportation funding and money for the state's Energy Office. Lawmakers approved a bill that will allow the state to sell up to $1.8 billion in transportation bonds to fund new road projects, but the Governor initially pushed for a bill that would allow $3.5 billion in bonds. A bill to continue funding for the Colorado's Energy Office also failed.

Should the legislature be called back into session, there is nothing stopping either chamber from gaveling in and then adjourning seconds later.

Not all lawmakers are sticking around the state to see if they'll be called back to work.

Rep. Paul Rosenthal, D-Denver, posted on Facebook that he stopped by San Francisco to see his parents this weekend on his way to China. Senate President Kevin Grantham, R-Canon City, has been out of town, but will return to work tomorrow, at the same time the Governor is back in town.