Meghann Maguire is a rare breed -- a Colorado NATIVE.

That doesn't mean she has a problem with new people moving here.

"I've met so many interesting people who contribute a lot to this state, who have relocated here from somewhere else," the fifth-generation Coloradan says.

Maguire reached out to Next because of our "I love you, Colorado, but..." series. She got our attention on Facebook when she wrote:

"I love Colorado except for the the elitist natives telling people they don't deserve to be here just because they were born elsewhere. You're giving all us natives a bad reputation."

Maguire is not only tired of her fellow natives bad-mouthing people who move to Colorado, but she's especially tired of hearing how all natives are jerks.

"Even though it's a minority opinion, I still feel like I have a right to voice it."

Hear from Meghann, in her own words, in the video above.

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