Go home, winter. You're drunk.

We mean it.

What is happening outside today?

In case you're in a room without windows (maybe or maybe not like the Next office), you know that winter just can't let go of its grip on 2017. Snow is falling in Colorado today - MAY 18.

If this is (MAYBE???) the last week we get snow this year, let's do it right, people. And to know if you're doing it right, we give you Kyle Clark, and his unscientific ranking system:

KYLE'S GRADE: Snow dusting an ice cream cone + happy kids. 10/10

KYLE'S GRADE: Whoa! The HOA is getting a little bold with the allowable exterior colors, dontcha think? Good snow, tho. 7/10

KYLE'S GRADE: It's your world and I'm just a squirrel. Everybody Dance Now is stuck in my head. 7/10

KYLE'S GRADE: Two dogs and one compliment? 13/10

KYLE'S GRADE: No photo in your tweet. 0/10

KYLE'S GRADE: You live in such a beautiful part of Colorado! I'm dinging your score based on jealousy. 7/10

KYLE'S GRADE: Five cranes in the photo. Very Denver. 8/10

KYLE'S GRADE: Dog! Automatic rating of 12/10

KYLE'S GRADE: Gotta at least wait til it snows, dude. 3/10

KYLE'S GRADE: You did the Manitou Incline today? That's crazy and awesome. 11/10

KYLE'S GRADE: Failure to bring in grill brush. Preventable tragedy. 6/10

KYLE'S GRADE: I am covetous of your grill, deck, and view (on any other day). 7/10

KYLE'S GRADE: Excellent verb choice overrides mediocre photo choice. 9/10

KYLE'S GRADE: Super floofy! 12/10

KYLE'S GRADE: I'm not a cat guy but my friend Steve Staeger is. So I'll go 12/10

KYE'S GRADE: Dog. Snow. Simpsons reference. Simpsons beer reference. 13/10