When you look at her, you may see a perfect, loving mom.

Courtesy: Lindsey

What you won't see, is the inner battle she fought that destroyed her family  and even cost her - her kids.

Lindsay, a recovering heroin addict, spoke to Next about the ongoing problem of addiction and how it can all start with prescription drugs.

"Lindsey" says she was hooked on heroin, on-and-off, for six years. She lost custody of her kids.

Courtesy: Lindsey
She says it all started when she was prescribed Percocet for her severe migraines.Soon after, she started taking more than what was prescribed and started buying it off the street. That's when dealers told her she could get heroin a lot easier.Lindsey said it took several years before she realized she was addicted.She went through treatment and was clean when she had her second child. Shortly after he was born, she started using again.It was a judge who sent her to jail and required court-ordered treatment at the Haven, a program of Addiction Research & Treatment Services (ARTS) at University of Colorado's Anschutz Medical Campus.It was there that she finally stopped using drugs and cleaned up her life.Lindsey lived at the Haven for 13 months and continues her work to repair her life - and her relationships with her children. She says it will take a while to heal those relationships because she didn't do the damage overnight. Lindsey says only when you can break away from the shame of addiction, can you truly start the process of healing. That is why she is sharing her story.Lindsey will be a featured speaker at the Friends of the Haven Gala next Thursday, April, 27.Treatment information can be found at Haven's website or by calling 303-336-1600.