A senior instructor at the University of Colorado Medical School took to Twitter to mock teenage cheerleaders who were seen screaming in pain while being forced into the splits.

The 9Wants to Know team was the first to report on the incident on Wednesday. The video shows cheerleaders from East High School in Denver crying as their coach - Ozell Williams, who's known for his tumbling at Broncos and CU football games - and fellow teammates hold them in position.

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Dr. Jim Mosher, whose specialty is listed as Obstetrics and Gynecology on the CU website, tweeted to Kyle Clark when the story broke that:


"Every athlete goes through some difficult pain. If you cannot deal with it mommy is always at home."

The University of Colorado told Next that Dr. Mosher was not speaking for the university or the medical school on his personal Twitter account when he posted that message.

The doctor has since changed his account name, and he declined to comment when we asked.


UPDATE: Dr. Mosher reached out to Next on Twitter Thursday evening to issue an apology. He writes:

I'm SINCERELY sorry for that tweet. I hadn't read the news story. I apologize for any pain caused by this uninformed, unsympathetic comment.