Keenesburg, Colorado:

  • Population: 1,191
  • Elevation: 4,944
  • Happy people: 500
  • Soreheads: A few

Or at least, so says the town's welcome sign.

"They think it's just a really funny saying," says Ken Gfeller, with the Chamber of Commerce. "I always tell them the real story behind it."

The real story, Gfellar, dates back to the late 1940s, right after World War II.

"'A few soreheads' originated with a dispute with a gentleman who owned a mechanic shop on the north side of the tracks, with the barbershop, which is currently now the insurance agency," he explains. "They had an argument, a dispute. The sign used to never say that, but the gentleman across the railroad track drew a little arrow, pointing it toward the barbershop, and said, 'And a few soreheads.'"

The mechanic's shpo is still there, but Gfellar says those people have died. Their children do live in Keenesburg.

So what's a sorehead, exactly? Who knows?