On the day of the hail storm that hit Colorado about a month ago, Michael Jonathon Reilly just wanted to get to the bar.

"I was feeling really helpless. Like, I just got to get back to the bar and check out the sign," the owner of the 715 Club, in Five Points, says.

That same hail storm that shut down Colorado Mills Mall and destroyed cars also damaged many of those awesome neon signs around the Denver area. Glenn Weseloh, the owner of Morry's Neon in Denver, says he'll be fixing signs for at least the next two months.

Just on Wednesday, neon squares from the On the Border restaurant were brought in for Weseloh's team to fix, in addition to the 7 from 715. Daily, piles of neon lights come into Morry's, just because of this recent storm.

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"Neon is very, very strong. It takes a lot to break, but baseball-size hail will obviously go through windshields," he says. "Never seen this much."

That's saying a lot, considering Weseloh's been in the business for more than 30 years. Calls started coming into his store the day of the hail fell. The owner estimates they've worked on 100 signs so far, and 1,000 more need repairs.

"Hopefully sometime this week, we'll get it back to its former glory," Reilly says of his sign. "Until then we're just a little bit darker."

Photojournalist Corky Scholl - who has a slight obsession for neon signage - followed Weseloh around for the day. Watch the video above.