After 100 days into Donald Trump's administration, it's time to talk.

Next first introduced you to Rob and Chris back in November, just after the election, as part of our Let's Just Talk series. They're married. He wrote in Rand Paul on his ballot but ultimately was content with a Trump presidency. Chris hoped for Bernie Sanders to be on the ticket. She voted for Hillary Clinton and was hesitant to support a President Trump.

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Now in May, we decided to catch up with these small business owners in Sheridan to see how their opinions have or haven't changed. Chris says the first 100 days have gone just as she expected. Rob, on the other hand, has been surprised.

Five takeaways from Chris and Rob:

Is this what you expected in the first 100 days?

ROB: I think, for me, his big talk during the campaign about doing this, doing that was based on his, I don't know? Ignorance? About how the government and the system really works, and I think he's getting a taste for how it really works ... He's learning. But I haven't given up hope ... Let's see if he can get the system to work in his favor and proceed with doing the things he says he was going to do. Right now, Hillary's not in prison, we still have Obamacare ... and the wall, of course.

CHRIS: It is (what I expected). You can't do things you say you're going to do on the campaign trail. It doesn't work that quickly because other people are involved ... though I think when he said the things he said, he didn't really intend to keep his promises. I think it was to get a vote, which is common. But I'm not surprised.

They both feel Education Secretary Betsy DeVos is the biggest concern right now:

CHRIS: If she does what she was involved with in Michigan, with taking money from public schools and giving it to private and charter schools, that'll affect us directly because it'll affect the kids. In our hose, we have our daughter, and we also have our granddaughter. Our granddaughter is special needs and she goes to a fantastic public school and they do fantastic things with her ... Special needs kids really rely on what public schools offer.

ROB: If it's going to impact what we already have that helps Bernice, yes, absolutely (I agree).

Does President Trump get credit for a strong economy?

ROB: The economy has seemed to be surging his first 100 days. We've been really busy here. I don't know if that's just a coincidence or the hopefulness of the market that he's going to actually do something, but I think NAFTA is a big let down. We should pull out of NAFTA, but you know, he doesn't call the shots.

CHRIS: The economy was strong before he was elected. If we're looking at Colorado, Colorado has a good, strong economy, and Colorado has a good government. Does Trump get credit? I think it's too soon to tell. We're blessed. Colorado is an amazing place.

Let's talk about talking about politics. We first met to discuss the idea of having civil discussions at a time when everything felt heated. Do you talk about politics more, less or the same amount now?

ROB: She talks as much as she did around the election. I've relegated back to just thinking and listening.

CHRIS: I don't think I talk as much. I think part of it is it's just become normal, the chaos. I think we accept a lot of things just so we can continue with the rest of our lives.

ROB: I think it's more of an 'I told you so...'

CHRIS: Well, I did have a lot to say, about him and his character, prior to being elected, though I believed he would be elected. I thought that would happen. But those things are still holding true ... and maybe it leans a little bit toward, 'I told you so."

What are you most hopeful and most concerned about for the next three-and-a-half years?

CHRIS: I'm most hopeful that we can, as a society, look toward the future and get a little bit less divided. It's important to have our own opinions but the division is really hard. Most concerned, of course, is the education part, healthcare is a big concern. Obamacare still stands but it's unknown, uncertainty. And they seem to be threatening things daily. And I would lose my healthcare. I have preexisting conditions, so it's a concern for me.

ROB: I am most hopeful that Congress, that the Left and the Right, would actually find a common ground. You don't see that. I haven't seen that for, I can't remember how long. There's always he said, she said going on. There's always threats to shut down government ... I hope they would grow up and reach a common ground ... The most worrisome I would get in the next three-and-a-half years is the escalating of foreign policy.