Students at two dozen local schools will get the chance to try their hand at spotting talent at this year’s Cherry Creek Arts Festival.

It’s part of the Janus Henderson Investors Student Art Buying Program. The kids get to buy art that will be installed at their schools -- within a set budget, of course.

"It's a great way for them to build up their confidence, to learn about teamwork, to learn about working together, managing a budget," Susan Boehnke, the senior corporate events manager for Janus Henderson Investors, which has been involved for 15 years.

Some students will also get $2,000 to buy pieces for CherryArts’ Mobile Art Galleries I & II, which travels to public schools, libraries and community centers throughout the academic year.

Forty six schools applied for the program, but only 24 were accepted.

The schools that were selected got an in-class study guide and lesson plan to help teach students what they’re looking for as they buy art. They also tried to learn what sort of pieces might be appreciated within their respective schools.

"... for all of the student body to enjoy!" Boehnke said.

After the art show, the students will present the pieces they purchase to a panel of art experts and members of the public at the Janus Henderson Investors Student Art Buying Showcase.

You can learn more about the program here:

The Cherry Creek Arts Festival is slated for July 1-3 at the Cherry Creek North Shopping District. You can learn more here: