There are signs America's political temperature never cooled after the election. Those signs are election signs, still in yards.

Next viewers Bob and Linda in Longmont voted Trump and they're proud of it. They've left up their sign and it keeps getting vandalized.

Courtesy: Linda, Longmont resident

"About a week ago my husband was sick, so I left to go to the store and when I returned the whole garage was just smeared thick with yellow egg yolk," said Linda. "My husband's pick up truck was smeared with clear syrup."

Egged, maple syrup, and even stolen.

Courtesy: Linda, Longmont resident

"Earlier in the year I had to put the Trump sign high up in the tree and someone climbed the tree and had removed the Trump sign and taken it," she said.

All because of their political views.

"I just think that that's wrong, this is America, we stand for American freedom and we expect to be treated just like we would treat other people," Linda added.

We checked and the City of Longmont says you can leave up a presidential lawn sign as long as you like - it's city election signs that have to come down within seven days.