"What's so bad about gentrification anyway?"

Online publication Denverite decided to dive into that question, which they received from a reader. The team made that question into an expansive piece about people who've been pushed out of neighborhoods.

"What I really wanted to get at is what it feels like to live in a community that you grew up in where this huge change has taken place," reporter Erica Meltzer told Next. "Because I think a lot of the conversation around gentrification focuses on affordable housing, and that's obviously a huge part of it, but so many people I talked to go back four, five generations in these neighborhoods. It's almost like, even though they lived in a city, they lived in a small town with their family around them, and there's just a huge sense of loss from that."

Meltzer's goal was to look at the topic without placing blame on anyone, and to be honest about what's happening in Denver.

Through her interviews, she found that there didn't seem to be one driving force behind gentrification, and the response in each neighborhood varies.

In one interview, Erica found a man who lives in the Highlands, and will never stop at the famous Little Man Ice Cream. He went to his first funeral at that location - which was a mortuary before it turned into a trendy summer spot.

“This was the heart right here ... It was because of death. People died, and this is where we came to put them down. There was loss, but there was community. Their last memories of their family member might be there.”

Watch Jeremy Jojola's entire interview with Erica above, and take some time to read her article here.

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