Nick Slangon barely escaped his native Liberia as the country was ravaged by two wars lasting 14 years. But now the father of five can’t wait to go back with his family to help rebuild.

“Miraculously, I was able to leave the country with a pair of slippers, a shirt and shoes,” Nick Slangon recalled. “I think now is the time for us to go back to do what we set up to do after we accomplish everything.”

Nick currently works as a counselor at a juvenile facility; his wife Bethany completed her second degree, this one in nursing, and is currently working at the Medical Center of Aurora.

The wars have been over for a while. Enough time, the couple said, for them to hone the skills needed to open a church, a school and a clinic.

“Everybody’s called to a different thing, a different place,” Bethany Slangon said about her own work in Africa where she and Nick met. “Education in Liberia has declined as you can imagine. We’re really going to focus on putting together a school, where not only the kids from the community can attend, but our kids can go and we know it’s a quality education that they’re receiving. We’re excited about that.”

A person of deep faith, Nick said God has shown him the way back home.

“He's constantly telling me, I didn't bring you for you to be comfortable, I saved you because I know the country is going to be dark after the war and you're going to be a light there after the war,” he said. “When we visited we realized we saw from the faces that they don't want anything about war, they just want rehabilitation and the structure of their life.”

Nick said with change comes hope, hope for one person, one family, one village - a nation.

“It comes to education, through church and through a clinic, without that Liberia is not going to be reconstructed, just going to go down to the same path,” he said. “All the people that don't have the chance, I think it's time for us to give them a chance.”

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