Bethany Lewis planned an unforgettable surprise for her boyfriend Evin’s 30th birthday.

He ran around town to complete a scavenger hunt, reading letters along the way until he got home.

“The next day he said, ‘I never felt so loved. That completely changed me.’ He said, ‘I don’t think I can ever top that present.’  And I said, ‘No you probably can’t,” Bethany recalls.

Two years later, Evin topped it.

Evin Moore brought Bethany to Union Station for a date night on March 18, the night before a big vacation they had planned for months. As they stood outside, Evin dropped to one knee and proposed.

“When Evin proposed he had four questions:

  1. What ring size are you?
  2. Does it fit?
  3. Will you marry me?
  4. How do you feel about a short engagement? Right now?”

Right now as in Evin proposed, and then her friends and family members – including her parents, who brought their young daughter - started walking across the street. Friends and family flew in from across the country just to be there.

They got married inside of Union Station, with a ceremony all orchestrated and written all by Evin, and officiated by a friend. Forty close friends and family members attended, along with all the random people inside of Union Station.

“I got a little suspicious when he said we’re going to do on staycation night in Denver,” Lewis said. “I talked to so many other people that genuinely seemed clueless, that usually I could read, like my parents and his mom.”

But Bethany had no idea.

After the ceremony, they went to Wynkoop Brewery, where 100 more friends and family members were waiting to celebrate. The newlyweds left immediately for their honeymoon in Hawaii after the wedding.

Evin and Bethany share a laptop computer. He planned the entire thing simply by using a different browser that she normally does, and setting up a secret email address:

“It was like getting punched in the face by love again and again and again,” Bethany said. “I had a beautiful wedding and I didn’t have to plan any of it.”

Bethany and Evin made it legal after the ceremony; they got the marriage license after the honeymoon.