The man who's expected to get the city of Denver's 4/20 rally permit said next year's event will look a lot different from the mess that happened earlier this year.

Michael Ortiz, also known as 'Smokey,' snatched up the preliminary permit just before the employees of dispensary company, who had camped out at the city's office building for 27 days.

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Smokey is now working to make sure the next rally isn't a repeat of the last one.

He said this rally will be different because it's, "a whole other crew. A whole different security crew. Whole trash. Best in the business."

As Smokey plans, the dispensary company that lost the permit in a footrace wants the surveillance video to be reviewed by the city. They say they lost out on the permit because of some confusion on the application day. They arrived at the office door just a split second after Smokey.

Smokey isn't worried.

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"I played by the rules, first in line, waited 'til 12:01. There's no reason," he said. "I'll comply by all of their requirements they already sent me, which I'm already checking off."

The city is still reviewing the surveillance video to make sure Smokey got the permit fair and square.

Assuming that decision doesn't change anything, and Smokey meets all the requirements, Denver will approve the final permit at some point closer to the rally.