Wednesday morning, the city of Aurora auctioned off the property it seized from A-Town Pizza back in August, when the restaurant chain had been shut down for not paying its taxes.

Included in that property were kegs that belonged to several breweries, like Odyssey Beerworks.

Odyssey had sold A-Town its beer, to then sell in the restaurants. The kegs they delivered the beer in were on loan to A-Town until the beer was gone.

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Many beverage companies do business this way, but there is a law that states a lease agreement for those kegs must be filed with the city. Odyssey - again, like many other beverage companies - didn't file the lease agreement, and, therefore, Aurora was legally allowed to seize all property inside of A-Town.

At the auction, Aurora sold dishes, office supplies, and even a trash can.

Growler USA took the kegs for $216. Company President Dave Shaw said he plans to give the kegs back to Odyssey.

"We're not competitors. You know, all the different breweries, they're like artisans. They're like artwork. Whens someone comes out with the latest walnut-shaving, raspberry porter, that's their baby. It's art. They've created this wonderful drink. This wonderful thing. It's like artists with paintings and sculptures. They're not competing against one-another," Shaw said.

Dave Shaw

Growler will work to get the kegs back to Odyssey, and the other respective breweries.

Another auction will happen later this week at the A-Town on Quincy Avenue.