A new project will replace the pop-up park in the heart of Denver when it comes down on August 20.

The park was an experiment by the city of Denver to leave an open space for everyone and anyone to enjoy.

So instead of the usual traffic of cars and buses on the block of 21st street, the place was filled food trucks and silent discos for the past few months.

"Any public space that is dominated by one specific group of people has a chance to deter other people away," Steven Chester said. Chester is Denver's senior city planner. "Whether it's a transient population or college age bros. If it's just a space for that one group, other groups feel uncomfortable. That was our goal all along, make a space that's welcome and comfortable for everyone."

The city has been collecting data on the pop-up park since it first opened on June 15. Information like how many people visited the park and what events drew the biggest crowd will help determine what the next project will be.

Some of the ideas include pop-up bike lanes and dog parks. Denver hopes to create a permanent use for the space after a few more experiments.