A mom who lives in Denver's Harvey Park neighborhood received a nasty postcard about her yard not being up-to-par with the rest of the neighborhood. The writer of the postcard said she needs to "try killing a weed, instead of smoking it."

Little did that neighbor know, Aryielle is working hard to balance three jobs while supporting her son with Autism and her mom, who is deaf and blind.

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<p>A postcard a woman in Denver's Harvey Park neighborhood received Thursday. </p>

Neighbors saw Aryielle's post on the neighborhood Facebook page defending herself against the troll. Aryielle argued the person should've talked to her in person to hear her side of the story, before writing a postcard saying she was in the running for the worst yard in the neighborhood.

About 15 of those neighbors decided to help out after finding out about what happened. They went to Aryielle's house over the weekend and helped clean up her yard. They put in new mulch, pulled weeds and prettied up the front yard.

One neighbor, Heather Marie Harberg, sent us pictures and said, "The moral of the story is to always ask how you can help someone - instead of assuming."

Photos: Neighbors fix up woman's yard after hateful postcard

Heather thought she'd see only two neighbors turn out to help and was surprised when a crowd showed - including kids.

Everyone has plans to go back to help her out with the backyard too.

So take that, awful neighbor.