Next Question comes from Terri, who asks if dogs are allowed in grocery stores.

She says, "Most are not even wearing leashes. These dogs are riding around in grocery carts in stores selling food. The clerks seem resigned to the fact. Is there no law forbidding this, especially where food is being sold?"

We checked with Denver Environmental Health:

"There are indeed regulations within our retail food service establishment regulations that do not allow animals inside a food facility. That includes grocery stores, restaurants, convenience stores – places like that -- unless they are service animals," said Grace Nelson, the Food Safety Program Supervisor. Based from the Americans with Disabilities Act, there are certain limitations to what a business owner, a business employee can ask a customer about a potential service animal. They're permitted to ask the customer, is this a service animal and what task or job has this animal been trained to provide you with?"

If grocery store managers allow pets other than service animals, health inspectors could cite that as a critical violation leading to possible fines, if the clerk decides to ask the questions.

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