Next Question: "Is it legal to ride a horse in Denver? Let's say I want to go to the corner store with my horse - is it legit?"

Marcel Peelen wrote into Next to ask whether it's okay to ride his horse around town. That's a completely fair question, considering we've featured people riding them through Starbucks drive-thrus or other public places in other Colorado counties.

Marcel, the answer would be YES. It is "legit."

According to Denver traffic laws, people can ride "any animal" on the roadway, but the rider must follow the same rules of the road that drivers do.

Officially, law says:

Sec. 54-58. - Persons propelling pushcarts or riding animals to obey traffic rules and regulations.
Any person propelling any pushcart or riding any animal on a roadway, and every person riding any animal-drawn vehicle shall be subject to the provisions of this chapter, applicable to the driver of any other vehicle, except those provisions which by their very nature have no application.
(Code 1950, § 503.3)

So, Marcel, giddy up!

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