Our Next question comes from a couple of people:

"Are there any foreign countries assisting in cleaning up after our 3 hurricanes and the earthquake in Mexico? We're always ready to assist any other country?" - Ron

"Who is there to help us? What country has stepped forward with aid?" I know you will say something. Other channels stay mute." - Ruby

Foreign countries do come to America's aid when disasters strike. They were there in past events like September 11 and Hurricane Katrina.

Mexico was there for the United States after Katrina in 2005.

They offered aid again after the hurricanes this year. However, they had to withdraw this offer after Mexico was hit with a series of earthquakes.

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Ron and Ruby, this was a great question- so I'll leave you with one of my own.

The people pushing this false narrative that America helps the world but gets left hanging when we need disaster aid -- what do you suppose their motivation is?

Just a question.