Our Next Question comes from Bev:

"I would like to know how much of the money donated through GoFundMe actually goes to the recipient.

What does GoFundMe keep for their service?
What do they charge for processing credit card donations?"

GoFundMe has become a prevalent way of donating in the digital world. You've probably seen a campaign or two on your Facebook news feed.

There are even more of these campaigns right now for a lot of the victims from Sunday night's shooting in Las Vegas.

Here's the breakdown:

Campaigns for both personal and charitable causes are both free to start.

According to its website, GoFundMe, though, takes just over 7.9 percent from each donation made:

  • 5 percent goes to GoFundMe
  • 2.9 percent, as well as an additional 30 cents per donation, is taken to process the payment.

If donating to a charity through PayPal Giving Fund, a fee is not deducted.

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