Our Next Question is one that unfortunate viewers may have after last week's hailstorm. How smashed is too smashed for a windshield, before you get it fixed?

Judy was one of a few who wrote in to us, asking along those lines.

"Can you find out how the police are going to handle this mess? I see cars going down the road with the whole windshield cracked. I don't know how they can see to drive. Are the police going to give a warning to all these people or ticket them?"

Since the hail hit up Lakewood, Next hit up Lakewood Police for answers.

We were told that they try to have compassion for how bad the hail was last week and the damage it left behind.

Most officers would start with a warning. But if your windshield is so bad that a driver can't see out of it, there may be a ticket for an obstructed view.

And remember that this compassion has a definite shelf life. If that windshield is still shattered a few months from now, well...

Colorado State Patrol asks that drivers ensure their vehicle is safe to drive if the glass is damaged, because of the danger in driving without a clear view from inside the vehicle.

A driver's view can't be obstructed through the front or side windows. So, if window damage means that you don't have a clear view, that's reason for them to pull you over, Sergeant Rob Madden said.

Back windows do not have the same restrictions, but if a window could be a hazard and potentially injure someone, you could be pulled over for driving an unsafe vehicle.

Whether you get a ticket or warning will vary with the situation.

Just FYI, if you're looking to find a rental car while yours in the shop for hail damage, it's unfortunately not that easy.

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