Next Question: Why doesn’t Denver have more international flights?

Matthew Leisy wrote to Next, saying:

"I'm sitting in Detroit coming back to Denver from a trip to the UK. As I've traveled the country the last couple years, I can't help but notice how few international flights Denver has compared to other airports in the U.S. Detroit has at least 5 different directs to Europe (we have 2 I think) … Why do we seem to be lacking in international flights?”

We asked the airport, and that doesn't seem to be the case.

DIA opened in 1995. Then, there were seven international destinations; 22 years later, the airport has 24 international destinations, in 10 different countries.

The airport says it's unfair to compare international service at other airports because Denver has a different metro-area population, than say Dallas, or Los Angeles. LAX has about 21 annual international passengers that fly directly into and out of the airport every year. DIA has about three million.

Instead of LAX, DIA can be compared to Seattle, Detroit, Minneapolis, Phoenix and San Diego.

Travelers seem to be more interested in international travel, as well; Denver's international passenger traffic in May was up 14 percent compared to last year.

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