Election season is upon us, which means there might be some ballots laying around your house.

And though it's clearly a ballot in your eyes, it may look like a canvas to your toddlers or a new toy to your pets.

That's where our Next Question comes from,

"Opened my ballot yesterday and my kitty cat thought it looked like a crunchy snack! No bite marks in circles, still good to use?"

Boulder County Clerk responded saying they would prefer if you request a new ballot. This rule also applies to toddler scribbles, dog nibbles, and coffee spills.

In other words, if you mess up your ballot in any way, it's best to not risk it. Try to get a new one if time permits.

The Secretary of State and United States Postal Service recommend that voters mail in their ballots on Halloween.

All ballots must be given to election officials by Tuesday to be counted.

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