We received a Next Question from Michael following our coverage about Becca Longo, who is believed to be the first woman to earn a college football scholarship. She’s going to kick for Adams State University in Alamosa, Colo. next year.

Michael asked us, “I thought Katie Hnida, a Colorado native and the CU and New Mexico kicker, was a scholarship recipient. Or was she a self-financed player?”

Good question, Michael. For an answer, we asked Hnida herself:

“I had my career both at CU and New Mexico as a walk-on, which is actually pretty common. Most kickers start as walk-ons, and then gain scholarships,” she said to Next in a Skype interview.

Advice for Becca Longo?

“Some of the best years of my life were my career down in New Mexico. I’d go back down there in a second. Get all this media stuff out of the way now, so she can be 100 percent focused on football, come the season.”

What’s she up to now?

“I work at colleges and universities (doing advocacy), but the past three years I’ve actually been doing anti-violence training for Major League Baseball. I got to do our Colorado Rockies a couple years ago and have worked with a bunch of teams around the league doing their anti-violence and sexual assault prevention ... We have a great national conversation going on right now. We got a ways to go but it’s really great to see just some of the strides we’re making and some of the momentum we have.”