Next Question: Will Denver Zoo keep its newest star Dobby once he's a grown-up? Or will the surprise baby giraffe be sent to another zoo?

The zoo says it's too early to answer that question.

Dobby could stay in Denver, but he would need to be neutered, so he doesn't get into fights with his father, Dikembe. It's unlikely that the zoo would make a separate space for Dobby, away from his dad, the zoo says.

He could also end up at another zoo.

The decision is ultimately out of Denver Zoo's hands. SSPs, or Species Survival Plans, monitor animal populations at accredited zoos in North America. Animals stay at or move to various zoos where they're needed. The decision is based on a number of factors, like need, compatible genetics and zoo capacity.

So, Denver Zoo doesn't get a say. Dobby's fate is in the SSPs' hands.

Dobby makes public debut at Denver Zoo

We also know Dikembe has had 18 kids. Dobby likely wouldn't be allowed to breed, even if he wasn't staying here, because his dad's DNA is already so well represented in North American zoos.

For now, he'll be staying close to his mom as he matures, which means he'll be here for at least a year or two.

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