Our Next Question comes from a viewer named John.

"Any word on how long we're gonna have a two toned Capitol building? Dome structure one color, base of the building another," he wrote.

The answer is indefinitely.

The capitol is actually made out of two different types of material. The base is granite and the dome is cast iron. 

It was meant to be a two-tone color from the beginning, but was painted several times.

"During the course of the 100 year life of the capitol the dome was painted with various paints - in certain areas we found 14 different paint colors," said Doug Platt, the communication manager for the state Department of Personnel and Administration. "When we recently restored the dome back in 2014, forensic experts told us that the color that's on the dome now is the original color as it was designed by the original architect, Elijah Myers - it's going to stay that color."

Myers also designed a few other capitol buildings with similar styles.

"The original architect of the capitol, Elijah Myers, actually designed three different state capitols in the country. The Colorado capitol, the Michigan capitol and the Texas capitol," said Platt. "All three of them have contrast between the dome and the building."