Next Question: Viewers are asking us when is an American flag is too tattered to fly, because they've seen some raggedy ones on official buildings.

That's not anyone's fault. Colorado's sun and wind can take a toll on a flag. Members of the Lakewood Elks Lodge No. 1777 certainly take the job seriously, and even their own flag has seen better days. They've ordered a new one and are waiting for it to arrive. We asked them when a flag should be taken down, if it's beginning to look worn.

"You should never have a tattered flag flying," said Venita Collier, with Lakewood Elks Lodge. "If your flag is torn and tattered, as you can see ours is right at present, it needs to be replaced. And I feel everybody should give reverence to our flag. This is our country. And when we retire the flag it should be done in reverence, so it is done the proper way, in burning the flag."

In 1908, the Elks were the first fraternal order to observe Flag Day, which is June 14th. Nearly a decade later, President Woodrow Wilson made it official for the whole country.

Colorado has 55 lodges for Elks, each of which would be happy to take anyone's tattered American flag and dispose of it with reverence. Most Boy Scout troops and VFW posts will also take them.

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