Michael, like all Next viewers, notices everything, so he emailed us a Next Question about Colorado's state flag.

He asks, "Specifically, do the ends of the 'C' stop at the upper and lower edges of the center white horizontal stripe, or are the ends of the 'C' supposed to extend a short distance into the horizontal white stripe?"

Michael has seen it both ways, like you probably have, whether or not you've also noticed.

QUIZ: Can you tell which of these Colorado things are wrong and which are right?

Well, we found out the design was written into state law back in 1964. Lawmakers wanted to clear up how it should look because there were no specifications when the flag was adopted in 1911.

This is the correct design:

The "C" extends into the white.

This is incorrect:

The "C" stops with the blue stripes.

You can check it out for yourself, if you'd like to nerd out.

Kyle only supports the correct design, as you can see here:

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