Our Next Question comes from one of our viewers as she was looking through her car registration fee list.

Christine asked Next: "I'm in Adams County- why am I paying 10 dollars a car toward a private highway - E470?"

Thanks for the question Christine. We asked Adams County about this fee, and this is what they said:

All cars and trucks registered in an address east of Interstate 25 and west of Schumaker Road in Adams County are charged $10 a year.

Map provided by Google

Specific parts of Arapahoe and Douglas counties are also charged this same fee.

It's used to finance, construct, operate, and maintain public highways according to Adams County.

Simply put, the funds are used for public highways that lead to and from E-470, which includes off-ramps and frontage roads.

Adams County said this fee was approved by voters a long time ago, but the fee cannot go over $10 a car.

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