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"Has the state of Colorado fixed the law pertaining to the titling of salvage vehicles? Colorado used to have laws allowing these type of damaged vehicles to be sold in the state without having to disclose any previous vehicle history."

Next viewer Mark saw pictures and videos of cars and trucks under water in Texas after Harvey, and wanted to know if those cars would make their way to Colorado.

We asked the Department of Revenue for an answer.

This issue has been addressed twice at the capitol through legislation. In 2014, a house bill was passed to make sure cars rebuilt from salvaged parts or vehicles with flood damage would disclose that information in their titles.

Another house bill was passed earlier this year in a legislative session to change the definition of a salvage vehicle. According to the Colorado General Assembly,

"The bill changes the definition of 'salvage vehicle' to add another test of when an insurer determines the vehicle to be a total loss. The bill also adds theft damage as an exclusion to the types of damage that can cause a vehicle to be a salvage vehicle."

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