A Broncos audit showed that about 200 season ticket holders did not attend a single game last season, according to the team.

The organization has decided not to renew licenses for those fans, and therefore open up positions for some of the 75,000 people on the waiting list.

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Next reached out to Patrick Smyth, the Vice President of Public Relations for the Denver Broncos, who provided these answers to the questions you've been asking:

1. How many season ticket holders had their season tickets not renewed by the Broncos?

We’re still in the renewal process and have not finalized an exact number. There are expected to be several hundred non-renewals this year, which will allow us to offer upgraded seat locations to many current season ticket holders, make season tickets available to fans on our waiting list for the first time in six years and increase our very limited single-game ticket allotment.

2. How were you able to track season ticket holders that did not attend one game?

In an effort to get more tickets in the hands of Broncos fans, we were able to track those who did not attend even a single game through a review of the secondary market.

3. If a season ticket holder sells their tickets on StubHub or Craigslist or to a neighbor, would you be able to track their usage like you can with the Broncos Ticket Exchange?

We’re able to monitor numerous services and websites that provide us with a review of the secondary market for Broncos tickets, including season ticket account holders who did not attend even a single game.

4. If a season ticket holder believes they have a valid reason for not attending in 2016, what are their options?

We understood there would be special circumstances that would result in an account holder not attending a game in 2016, including military deployment and personal health issues. Our ticket office is working directly with affected accounts to review those situations. If any affected account holders have any questions, we encourage them to reach out to our ticket office at 720-258-3333 or tickets@broncos.nfl.net.

  • If the Broncos deem they have a valid reason, how do they get their seats back if they've been offered to someone on the waiting list?
    • Before we begin the upgrade process and then offer tickets to fans on the waiting list for the first time in six years, we have to complete our renewals, including any appeals of licenses not renewed.

5. When did the Broncos first offer the Broncos Ticket Exchange?


6. I see the NFL Ticket Exchange has a commission of 10% or 15%. What dictates if it is 10% or 15%? And how much do the Broncos get from the 10% or 15%

That’s a private contract, and as per club policy, we don’t disclose those terms