Happy 303 Day!

Third day of the third month - time to celebrate our state and all that makes it great.

303 was Colorado's original, and only area code, created in 1947 - before the addition of 719 and 970.

Next kind of celebrates Colorado every day, you know that, but we'll proudly fly the flag today and remember some favorite 'only in Colorado' moments from Next.

Like the pizza shop owner from Vail delivering pizzas to drivers stranded on I-70 in a snowstorm.
Deliveries he made wearing shorts.

STORY: http://on9news.tv/2lG5gHR

And the woman who turned her Jeep's odometer into a numbers game - as she ticked off each of Colorado's zip code when the Jeep hit 80,000 miles.

STORY: http://on9news.tv/2mWCXpQ

Lastly, the mutton bustin' failure to launch when a kid tried his hand at this Colorado tradition, but got a sheep that wouldn't cooperate. He was picked up by the belt and given another mount.

VIDEO: http://bit.ly/2mobXCP

Love ya, Colorado.17388

Happy 303 Day.