Boulder, have you run out of things to have an opinion about?

As of Monday, the Boulder Daily Camera hasn't printed letters to the editors in the past two days.

"We just ran out of letters," says Dave Krieger. He's the editor of the editorial page, who says the paper didn't have anything to print on Sunday or Monday.

The Daily Camera ran national columns instead.

Krieger says that in his two-and-a-half years at the newspaper, this has never happened. But, rest assured, he is confident that Boulder hasn't run out of things to say.

"There's very few communities I've ever lived in that have as many opinions as Boulder does. Normally we have a ton of letters to the editor and as recently as two or three months ago, we were running full pages on Saturday just to keep up with the flow," he says.

Krieger expects that people are busy, or out of town for summer. He thinks letters will pour in once Boulder gets closer to its municipal election.

The staff builds the editorial pages on Friday. A few letters came in over the weekend, so the paper will print your letters again on Tuesday.

Knowing Next viewers like we do, we know you have plenty to say. If you'd like to send any feedback to the Camera, you can do that here.