While renovating the old Great Scotts Eatery, off U.S. 36 and Pecos, Cat Oehlman discovered something she says is a sign.

“It was a sign that we picked the right location,” Oehlman said.

Cat and her husband Dave own the Smokin’ Dave’s BBQ chain, which recently opened a new location at that old Great Scotts Building.

We covered the story in May 2016, when a worker pulled metal diner panels off the wall, uncovering an old mural of a car dealership, a Mopar Dodge dealership to exact.

“It’s just such a bit of Americana,” Cat said.

Cat originally wanted to have the mural restored and make it part of the décor of the new restaurant, so she was trying to track down the muralist. When 9NEWS did the original story last May, we discovered that a son of a former employee at Great Scotts Eatery, Troy Hancock, painted the mural back in 2004.

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PREVIOUS: Mystery artist who painted mural found

He now lives in Minnesota. We connected Troy, along with Cat.

Unfortunately, the mural was too far gone from the glue in the diner panels that had been plastered over it. So Troy agreed to paint a new smaller mural for the new restaurant, to keep the photo’s history alive.

“I talked to him on the phone a few times, we exchanged emails,” Oehlman said. “I sent him photos of cars that I’ve had and my husband has had in the past and present. And a couple that we’d like in the future.”

Hancock was happy to help.

“He was blown away. He couldn’t believe anyone cared enough,” Oehlman said.

Hancock made a new mural with the same concept as the original and presented it to Cat and Dave before the restaurant opened in March.

“I was blown away,” she said.

This is Hancock's new mural: