We interrupt your day to bring you the latest in #YakSearch2017 (which really started in 2016, but the case has recently developed.)

The owner, Terry, decided to go looking for his yaks, Thelma and Louise, over the weekend.

Thelma and Louise went missing last year, just hours after Terry bought them. We found out about the yaks after a Next viewer spotted Terry's "lost yak" signs by his home in Bellvue.

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Other Next viewers just recently spotted the girls near Signal Mountain, on the outskirts of Rocky Mountain National Park.

After all this time, Terry had to go see them for himself.

He hiked about 12 miles and finally found Thelma and Louise. He called out to them. They ran away. As you can see in the video, they're surprisingly agile.

Terry still doesn't have a plan to get the yaks back.

And so today, Thelma and Louise are still out there, doing their own thing.

And that concludes this yak update.