A lot can happen in a four months.

Since April, Ed Perlmutter went from:

  • Congressman,
  • to candidate for governor of Colorado,
  • to no longer running for governor and also not running again for Congress,
  • to running for Congress again in the 7th Congressional District, which covers the north half of Jefferson County and the west half of Adams County.

Specifically, 41 days passed since Perlmutter said he would no longer be a candidate for governor, and wouldn't run for Congress, either. In an interview with Marshall Zelinger on Monday, the day of his announcement, Perlmutter said:

"I had a chance to reduce all the traveling I was doing and the fundraising that I was doing in connection with the Governor's race. And I got some energy back, but what has really changed is just if I was at the grocery store, or the golf course, or our Vietnam Vet ceremony, church, people were asking me to reconsider running for the 7th Congressional District."

Two of the four Democratic candidates, Dominick Moreno and Brittany Pettersen, ended their campaigns Monday in light of Perlmutter's announcement; both endorsed him.

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Moreno's statement:

State Senator Dominick Moreno (D-Commerce City) suspended his campaign for U.S. Congress today in light of Congressman Ed Perlmutter’s announcement that he will run for re-election. Moreno first entered the Seventh Congressional District election out of a deep commitment to the people of his community and a belief that he would best represent the district after Perlmutter’s departure.

Upon hearing the news today of Perlmutter’s decision to run for re-election, Sen. Moreno called the Congressman to offer his endorsement and full support.

“We continue to be in great hands with Congressman Perlmutter,” Moreno said. “Thank you to the many people who supported me along this journey. My time serving our community does not end with our campaign suspending, and I remain committed to standing up for our values in the State Senate.”

Petterson's statement:

"While I'm disappointed I will not have the opportunity to serve our community in Congress, I know that the people of the 7th district will continue to be well represented by Ed Perlmutter. I am so proud and humbled by the support of the people across Colorado who believed in me and stepped up to contribute, volunteer, and support my campaign. I look forward to continuing to serve the people of this great state."

Andy Kerr and Dan Baer are still deciding. They told Next:

"Ed's a good man and a great public servant. We respect his decision and the people of CD7 he's worked so hard for." -- Kerr's office

"Dan jumped into this race because he believes this is a pivotal moment, when we need energetic, fresh leadership and a positive vision. Dan is away for his grandmother’s 90th birthday. Given the number of twists and turns in this race so far, we don’t have any immediate response." -- Baer's office

Perlmutter says that much has happened since he decided to leave the governor's race, including tension with North Korea, Charlottesville and the health care bill. Looking forward to his Congressional race, he says what he can do for Colorado outweighs and "flip-flop" appearance.

"I have to admit that I took a detour to the Governor's race, that I bit off more than I could chew in (the governor's) race, and it really had been grinding on me," Perlmutter told Zelinger. "You couple that with some of the other things that occurred, the Scalise shooting, and it just wasn't working, and I knew it. But, I think the things that I bring to bear in another run for the Congress, I think will overcome the fact that yeah, I had some missteps in there."

The money Perlmutter raised for a governor's race cannot be used for an upcoming Congressional race. He plans to pay the bills he has left and do a pro-rated refund for donors -- just as we reported when he dropped out of the governor's race.