Democratic Congressman Ed Perlmutter plans to drop out from the Colorado governor's race, a person close to his campaign told Next.

The source says Perlmutter will also not run to keep his seat in the 7th Congressional District, which he has held for more than 10 years, and that the staff has known this for days.

According to the source, Perlmutter just isn't having fun anymore. He's expected to formally announce that he's calling it quits on Tuesday.

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The Congressman announced his candidacy three months ago, saying he would be a counter to President Trump. He planned to focus on jobs, roads and education.

The winners here?

The decision means Congressman Jared Polis will probably save millions of his own dollars, which he would have spent to pass Perlmutter in the Democratic primary.

Every other Democrat running has to think their long-shot odds get better with Perlmutter out.

Other winners? Every Republican running, and there are roughly a dozen. Perlmutter's departure moves the Democratic field, and the state party, to the left.

The Democratic base will love it, and so will Republicans.

Who are the losers?

The people of the 7th Congressional District. That's not to say those running to replace Perlmutter, and anyone yet to join the race, couldn't do a fine job. But, if elections are performance reviews for politicians, there were a lot of independents, and even Republicans, who were pleased with Perlmutter's work.

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That's no small thing when Congress is trusted as much as used car salesmen... and journalists.