An elk is turning heads in Morrison.

Several of our viewers sent us pictures of the same elk with what looks like a net wrapped around its antlers.

A net that might have belonged to a kid.

This was found written on a Morrison neighborhood's message board:

"Someone stole my kids pitching/batting net from the backyard on Mariposa! Not cool! Any info welcome. Post here please. Grrrr...."

Courtesy: Michal McDowell

To which someone else replied:

"The elk took it. He's in the area with it wrapped around his antlers!!!"

And then a storm of replies followed:

"Serious? What color net? Bad elk!"


Someone even posted a photo of the elk with the net wrapped around its antlers.

Courtesy: Michal McDowell

"Is this him??"


Becky Jo Lucas first saw the elk in her driveway. It was with another bigger elk.

"The big elk was just kind of, locking his horns, not aggressively, but I think he was trying to help him get the net off," Lucas, a resident of Morrison said.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife is aware of the famous elk in Morrison, but they believe it's better to leave it alone since it is not in danger. The elk is still able to eat, breathe, and see. They would have to tranquilize the elk in order to get the net off, and CPW said it could harm the animal more than it would help it.

Elks also lose their antlers every year.