West Metro Fire’s Assistant Fire Chief Jay Jackson has probably saved a lot of jerks in the 22 years of his career, but he’s too nice to say so.

“We need to be nice to everybody,” Jackson told 9NEWS when asked for tips on how not to be a jerk in hot weather. “We need to be aware of what’s going on around us.”

He'd prefer if most of us were nice, too, or at the very least reasonable.

When it's 100 degrees out, watch out for those who have trouble watching out for themselves.

Don't be the jerk that stays out in the sun and doesn't hydrate. 

You know. Don't be a jerk.

“[If] you're playing in the park, make sure that you're drinking water,” Jackson said. “Make sure that you're keeping track of each other, make sure that your kids have sunscreen on and that they're drinking water. And the elderly, we need to take care of them too.”

And smokers -- keep your butt in your car.

Don't be the jerk that sets off fireworks when we all know it's way too hot for fireworks. 

“As the weather gets warm and the grasses and the trees start to dry out, we need to pay attention to that," Jackson said. "As the fire danger goes up with hot weather, our awareness and careful acts need to go up as well.”

With Fourth of July approaching, there's nothing more patriotic than caring about our state enough to not buy your own fireworks if it's too dry to use them anyway.

Don't shoot off fireworks in your own backyard,” Jackson said. “You really don't know where those are going to go, if they're going to start a fire.”

Don't be the jerk that starts a wildfire.

And would you do all of us a solid? Don't leave your human or furry kids in the car.

The first will rightfully land you in jail. The other will lead to being publicly shamed by Kyle Clark.

“We're almost at 100 [degrees] in Colorado, which is unusual for us," Jackson said. "We don't know how to handle that."

Jay Jackson is too nice. We do know how to handle the heat. Just use common sense.