The U.S. Forest Service is getting flooded with calls, some from as far away as Canada...and it's all for free cabins that do not exist.

Well, the cabins exist. Not the free part.

A few websites recently posted a story about the U.S. Department of Agriculture looking for someone to stay at two historic guard cabins for free, as long as they helped with the up-keep and helped rent out the properties.

This is not true.

They are looking for a company or business to become a landlord for their Aspen and Glade Guard Stations- someone or some company who will rent out the cabins to visitors and maintain them.

Courtesy: U.S. Forest Service

It doesn't mean you would get to live on the site for free. And all the money made from the rental would go back into up-keep for the buildings.

We get it, it's beautiful, and the calls have certainly flattered the U.S. Forest Service.

So, sorry about it, free-loaders. You'll have to find a free cabin somewhere else.