9NEWS photographer Adam Vance was one of so many journalists who covered Hurricane Harvey and its aftermath. Hear from him, in his own words, in the video above.

The disaster that swept over eastern Texas and Louisiana, Hurricane Harvey, will leave the people in its wake recovering for a very long time.

There is the physical part, of course: the homes, the infrastructure, the flooded cars and lost possessions.

There will also be the emotional part: the healing and the heartache.

More than 60 people perished from the storm.

Our community in Colorado is no stranger to this sense of loss, sadness, and hope. We've seen deadly wildfires consume communities, and in 2013, saw our own neighborhoods lost and damaged due to flooding as well.

When Hurricane Harvey threatened to make landfall, our TEGNA sister-stations in Texas knew they were going to need reinforcements to keep their stations on the air, broadcasting life-saving information to residents.

In fact, KHOU, our Houston, Texas affiliate, had to evacuate their own station as floodwaters burst into their newsroom, forcing them to make a temporary home at the local PBS. Meanwhile, our team at 9NEWS helped keep them on the air through some technical feats.

We have also been on the other side of these disasters: when Colorado suffered monumental tragedies such as the Aurora Theater Shooting and the wildfires of the summer of 2012. Reporters and producers from across the company came to Denver to help us stay on the air and give much-needed rest to those who had worked 24 hours straight, broadcasting.

Noel Brennan, a reporter, and photojournalist Adam Vance traveled to Corpus Christ, Texas on Thursday, before Hurricane Harvey made landfall.

They stayed in Corpus Christi until Saturday. At 2:00 a.m. Sunday, they set off to Houston, which by this point, was being hammered by 50+ inches of rainfall thanks to now Tropical Storm Harvey.

"After this storm, people depended on us being on the air. People depended on us to give them information of what it looked like in that specific area," Adam said.

He thought him and Noel would be in Texas for a weekend.

"It wasn’t that they didn’t want to send us home. It was, we couldn’t get out," he says.

What Adam and Noel saw will stay with them for a long time. They returned to Colorado on Friday, but the Houston, Texas and surrounding communities will be reeling from this disaster and tragedy for many months and even years, to come.

"I would do it again. I didn’t want to leave. I wanted to stay and help," Adam says.

These are some of the moments our crew captured while they were in Corpus Christi and later, Houston.

Driving through damage in Rockport, Texas on Saturday:

Flooding begins to overtake Houston on Monday:

Devastation in West Houston on Tuesday:

Aboard an air boat performing water rescues Wednesday: