Next went back to THE rock today.

*Yes, it's important*

A viewer let us know that reflectors got put up all around the rock, and they were right. We found skinny orange reflector sticks surrounding the rock on Thursday.

Drivers can't stop running over this rock by the Colorado Mills Target

The Target boulder claimed a new victim as we watched live

We met the woman who ran over the Target boulder live on Facebook

That'll fix the problem! But wait... instead of just hitting the rock, a new driver hit the reflector AND the rock just before we got to the Colorado Mills parking lot.

Several people have done this, but she talked with us in shadow because she's embarrassed.

Reflector sticks are now surrounding the rock, which people can't stop running over, by the Target at Colorado Mills.

"I was making a right turn and ran over the rock, and took out a couple of the reflectors without really even seeing that they were there," she said. "Didn't even notice those, until they were sticking out of the bottom of my car."

Colorado Mills, kudos to you for trying to fix the problem, because even the Next giraffes couldn't avoid it.