It was Thanksgiving Day, 1960.

Jimmy Cobb just caught a 21-yard pass from quarterback Ramiro Escandon in front of 6,927 fans at the University of Denver's stadium, ending the game 21-12 against the CSU Rams.

This moment would be marked in history as the final touchdown in DU football.

Courtesy: Cobb Family 

"He was not the type of person to brag," Dennis Darnley. Darnley is one of Cobb's closest friends. The two met in 1957 at DU.

"He was a Texan, and I was from Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. We clashed in that manner. He almost always wore cowboy boots," Darnley said.

They were both in the football program before it closed down in 1960 due to financial reasons.

"We called him poison fingers because when he would try to fix anything or do anything mechanically, it would always break somehow," Darnley said as he chuckled. "But as a football player and a fullback, he was an extremely good receiver. In fact in many games, he was the top receiving position on the team, which surprised me."

Courtesy: Cobb Family

Darnley smiled as he reminisced about his 60-year friendship with Cobb that was filled with arguments and laughter.

"He couldn't cook," Darnley said. "He always tried...even when we lived together and if you've ever seen a smoke-filled apartment, it was when he was cooking tortillas."

Courtesy: Cobb Family

The two were roommates in college. After DU, they went their separate ways but reconnected when Darnley transferred back to Colorado in 1975 for work.

"Camping, fish, tennis, racquetball, bicycling many miles...," he said. It was all the activities the two friends shared throughout the years.

Darnley remembers Cobb as "one of my favorite pair of shoes. The fit is good, it's very comfortable being around him, very reliable, good for the long haul...a little scuffed up but if you give him a little polish, he is happy and content."

Courtesy: Cobb Family

Jimmy Cobb passed away Monday on Oct. 9 after battling leukemia since May. He is survived by his wife Gloria, and two daughters, Carol and Cathey.

To the world, Cobb was a promising football player. To Darnley, he was just a good friend.

"I used to call him and give him some heat...can't do that anymore," Darnley said as he held back tears. "His laugh...chuckle and laugh, probably liked that most about him. He had a very easy laugh."

Courtesy: Cobb Family

Jimmy Cobb's memorial service will be on Saturday, Oct. 21 at 11 a.m. at Arapahoe Road Baptist Church.