As expected, Republican Congressman Mike Coffman introduced his "discharge petition" for the Bridge Act on Tuesday, following President Trump's decision to do away with DACA, unless Congress intervenes.

It's rare for a member of the majority to use this procedure to get a vote to the House floor against the wishes of party leadership. Coffman, who was once himself was once a DACA opponent, would need to collect signatures of 23 other Republicans and 194 Democrats for the petition to get to the floor.

Coffman's office told Next that his petition will remain active throughout the duration of this session. Representatives are required to stop by the House clerk's desk during business hours to sign their name.

They are not sure how many people have signed the petition, as of Tuesday evening.

Coffman's Bridge Act would be a three-year extension on DACA, if passed.

According to USA Today, Speaker Paul Ryan said Tuesday he does want Congress to find a fix, but he didn't endorse any of the proposed solutions.

Also Tuesday, Colorado's U.S. Senators, Democrat Michael Bennet and Republican Cory Gardner, announced they would cosponsor Dream Act 2017.

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