A man in Aurora might have just won the best Christmas decorations award. That's because at his house, you can control the lights by playing Rock Band.

CJ Baar's career is programming-- so is his hobby.

When his friend was getting rid of a Rock Band drum set, Baar decided to take it and make something new.

Thus began a eight-year long project he likes to call the 'Interactive Tree.'

If you're new to the neighborhood, it might look a bit strange to see a tree with instruments hanging from the branches.

These instruments are programmed to change the patterns and colors of the Christmas lights wrapped around his house with what's being played.

"People could actually come up and interact with and play with, instead of just watching the lights," Baar said.

Can't see the GIF? Click here: http://gph.is/2ipqe2a

When the project first started in 2010, it was just a drum set. There's now a guitar and even a toy bear with buttons that can change the lights.

"One of my goals is writing this software is to keep things changing," he said.

Baar has been overwhelmed with the feedback from the people who drive pass his house. It's one of the reasons he wants to continue to build his tree.

CJ said he was cool with us giving out his address if you want to go by. He's in Aurora off Iliff near 225. It's 2496 South Vaughn Way.