EDGEWATER - Tattoo artists typically put tattoos on bodies—not take them off. But one local company would like to be able to do both.

“The intention to remove a tattoo can be just as powerful as the intention to get one,” said Aries Rhysing, owner of All Sacred Tattoo in Edgewater.

Rhysing’s All Sacred Foundation is trying to raise money to lease a laser for tattoo removal—hoping they can put it to use for a good cause.

“We will be establishing a clinic here in the studio where we offer free laser removal once a month,” Rhysing said. “That free removal will be available to anybody who has wanted to leave gang affiliations behind and start fresh. Anybody who’s been tattooed under the overall umbrella of criminal activity. Any youth that’s been tattooed because of adversity or trauma.”

This isn’t the All Sacred Foundation’s first foray into charitable work. Last year they raised $50,000 for local charities. They hope to double that this year.

“I feel much better if I’m doing something to contribute,” Rhysing said. “Basically anything we believe in and that we’re passionate about, we get our feet wet and we go for it.”

So far, they have raised about half of the $30,000 they need for the laser.

“We have people already lined up for the service—the only missing piece is the laser,” Rhysing said. “My heart goes out to anybody who wants to make a change, and society just won’t let them because of a mistake that they’ve made.”

He said he believes that all locally-owned businesses should be giving to the community. Something everyone who works with him, practices.

“The thing that would make us most happy is if other business started doing stuff like this,” said All Sacred Tattoo shop manager Justin Wild. “You can really be a change for good.”

Rhysing said their current charity project will help people who are trying to change their lives for the better, do so.

“We want to give them the freedom to have the ability to go out and seek a job, education, and to free themselves of the stigma that that tattoo is holding them in,” Rhysing said.

To learn more about the All Sacred Foundation’s crowdfunding effort, go to this website: https://www.generosity.com/community-fundraising/all-sacred-tattoo-removal-project

To learn more about All Sacred Tattoo and charity projects, go to their website: https://allsacred.com/