The small Colorado town of Alamosa is remembering a local teacher who had a huge impact on generations of families.

Courtesy: Alamosa School District

70 year-old Robert Gerald Reed, known to many as Jerry Reedo, taught within the Alamosa School District for nearly 30 years.

"He had been a teacher for so long that people of my generation had kids who had him as a teacher - entire families know him, and he knows all of them," said Jennifer Hill, a former student of Reed. "He shows up at Christmas pageants and plays Santa."

Courtesy: Alamosa School District

Monday he passed away at a hospital in Colorado Springs.
Hill talked to Next Friday, about Reed's legacy.

"His entire philosophy was to go around and make sure everyone in his life knew how much they were loved and appreciated," she said. "He was just involved in everything. You could always find him in the same place having breakfast in the morning if you needed to talk. He was always there - always ready to spend any time he had with whoever needed him at the moment."

Reed started teaching history and social studies at Ortega Middle School, but later moved onto to teach at Alamosa High School.

Courtesy: Alamosa School District

There he was not only a history and social studies teacher, but he was also a coach, he helped with student council and the high school's Knowledge Bowl team.

"He was involved with everything - he takes care of everybody. Any group at school who needed help or a leader, or needed to take a group of kids somewhere, he always volunteered," said Hill. "That loss for all of us is huge, but we can honor his memory by loving each other, and that's what I want for my hometown and for the rest of Colorado just to love each other."

There will be a funeral service for Reed Saturday at 11 a.m. at the Alamosa High School football field.
It is open to the public.